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Curriculum Vitae



Education :

Institute of Fine Arts of Iasi.
Department - Painting, Professor Dan Hatmanu’s class.

Afilliations :

Member of the Romanian Plastic Artists Union since 1996, respectively AIAP- International Association of Art.

President of the Menthor Cultural Foundation                   
Constanta – Romania since 2000.


Participations in group exhibitions:

2011: Biennale of Lalin- Spain, Museo Municipal "Ramon M. Aller".

. I FOUGHT THE X AND THE X WON, Museum of Fine Arts CLUJ-NAPOCA ROMANIA / National Museum of Fine Arts VALLETTA MALTA.

2010: "Falling Angels" installation at Museo Municipal "Ramon M. Aller", Lalin, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

. "Romanian Pyramid" instalation, "My global self" instalation and performance in "Constanta Case 3 - Like in the railway station", international multimedia event in the local railway station.

. Anuale of Ceramics "Costel Badea", Ion Nicodim Gallery, Constanta- Romania.

2009: Biennale of Harlech – Wales.

. “Dolores” Collective installation , City Hall Montmartre – Paris.

2008: Painting, “NEXO, The International Meeting of Artists ”, Circulo de Arte, Toledo – Spain.

. Painting, The Toledo Contemporary Art Centre , the “NEXO” event.

. Installations, symposium “Water and Wine”, Leerer Beutel Galerie, Regensburg – Germany.

. Installations, “Constanta Case 2 – Antropocity “, international event in non-conventional space – unfinished villa in Constanta.

. Installation and  happening, “ Dionyssos Festival”, The Art University of Osijek – Croatia.

. Installation and performance, “SEAS” European Project, The Queen’s Palace of Balchik – Bulgaria.

2007: Installations, “Constanta Case 1”, multimedia event in non-conventional space – abandoned casemate .

2003: Graphic arts, “Artists without frontiers” exhibition, The Art Garden Kawasaki – Japan.

2002: Installation (handmade paper), The Gallery of Dobrich – Bulgaria.

2001: Graphic arts, Contemporary International Art Exchange Centre, Kawasaki – Japan.

2000: Graphic arts “Peace Festival”, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo – Japan.

1998: Painting, Exhibition of Artists of Constanta, The Art Gallery of Yokohama – Japan.

. Engraving, “International Mini-Print Triennale”, Tokyo – Japan.

1990: Painting, Exhibition of Artists of Tulcea, The Municipal Gallery, Saint Nazaire – France.

1989: Graphic arts, “Animali d’art” exhibition, Arezzo – Italy.

 1988 -1989: Painting, “The Miniatures Annuale”, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto – Canada.

1988: Engraving, “The Graphic Arts Biennale”, Saint-Niklaas, Belgium.

. Lithography, “The Hand” Exhibition, Enghien les Bains – France.

1987: Lithography, The “Theatre in town” Exhibition, The Central Gallery of Wiesbaden – Germany.

. Lithography, The Art Museum of Gutenberg, Mainz – Germany.

1986: “The International Festival of Caricature”, Etajima – Hiroshima, Japan.

1985: Drawing, “The International Exhibition of Graphic Arts” Istanbul – Ankara, Turkey.

. “The World exists as long as it can laugh", Gabrovo – Bulgaria.


Personal Exhibitions :

2011: "In between rains", multimedia exhibition: installation, video-poem, painting, Ion Nicodim Gallery- Constanta, Romania

2000: Painting – drawing, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Gifu – Japan.

1999: Painting, Space S Gallery, Tokyo.

. Painting – drawing, Paz World Gallery, Gifu.

. Painting – drawing, The Art Museum, Oyama – Japan.

1997: Painting, Limited Edition Gallery, Bristol – England.

1998: Painting – drawing – installation, The Orizont  Gallery, Bucharest.

1997: Painting – drawing – installation, The Art Museum of

1994: Painting – Mamaia  Gallery – Constanta.

1990: Painting – graphic arts – sculpture – installation, The Municipal Gallery of Bucharest.

1987 : “Hopes and Visions” – sculpture, The Cupola  Gallery, Iasi.

1985 : Painting – graphic arts , “Fingerprints on a Book” Exhibition, The Art Museum – Iasi .


Symposiums, Projects, Workshops: 

2010: International Meeting of Visual Arts, Solaina de Pilono, Spain.

2009: “ICAW, The Wales International Symposium”.

2008: The “NEXO International Symposium”, Toledo.

. “Water and Wine”, International Symposium, Regensburg.

. ”Face, surface, beyond”, students workshop - The University of Osijek – Croatia.

. PHARE Cross-border Project (2005) “The Artist-Tourist Program”, in partnership with Bulgaria – project manager.

2oo7: PHARE Cross-border Project (2004) “Audio-visual Creations in the Constanta – Silistra Region” (with Bulgaria), project manager.

2006: Launch of the European “SEAS” Project Platform in Constanta, in partnership with Intercult Foundation – Sweden.

2004 – 2005: The “Photograms” Project, in cooperation with The European Cultural Foundation – Amsterdam and Concept – Bucharest, The “Play Against Violence – Art for Social Change” Project.

2004: “The Babel Alphabet”, a PAV-AFSC project in cooperation with the ECF and Concept.

2003 – 2004: “Sustainable Journey”, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2002: “Memory of Senses” – PAV – AFSC Project, in cooperation with the ECF.

 . ”The International  Symposium of Handmade Paper”, Dobrich – Bulgaria.

2000: Invited by The Art Museum of Gifu – Japan for “The Summer Workshops Program”, as a Central and East-European Artist, to present the project called “Line ipostases”. The workshop was held in five towns of the Gifu district.



2010: "Constanta Case 3 - Like in the railway station", international multimedia event in the local railway station.

2008: “Constanta Case 2 – Antropocity”, international multimedia event held in a non-conventional space - unfinished villa.  

2008: "Constanta Case" in SEAS Project- Balcik, Bulgaria.

2007: “Constanta Case 1”, multimedia event in a non-conventional space – abandoned casemate.


Prizes :

2011: The Plastic Artists Union Prize for "In between rains", personal mutimedia exhibition (installation, video-poem, painting).

1999: The Maimeri Prize for multiple cultural activity.

1987: The Young Artist Prize, Wiesbaden – Germany.

1984: The Jury’s Prize at The Essays – Art Critic Contest held in Bucharest.

1983: The Amfiteatru Prize for painting.

1983: The “Viata Studenteasca”  Magazine Prize for painting.

1982: The First Prize at the National Students Contest of Graphic Arts.


Works in museums collections :

. The Graphic Art Cycle “Theatre in town” at The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz – Germany.

. The “Gabrielus Legs” drawing at The Art Museum of Gifu – Japan.

. The “A bottle in a message” art installation (in cooperation with Anamaria Avram) at Stadt Regensburg Museum – Germany.

. The "Falling Angels" installation (in cooperation with Anamaria Avram) at Casa Museo "A Solaina" de Pilono, Spain.


Works in private collections: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Germany.


Ambiental works:
. The “Music and fine arts” mosaic at George Enescu Conservatory of Iasi.
. “The Smile” wall painting at The Maxillofacial Clinic of Iasi.